Join us on this mission to brighten the lives of the elderly in our community.

I just wanted to be alone and cry. I didn’t ever want to go back. But I could not forget the hopeless loneliness that I had experienced. The elderly among us are too often put into nursing homes and forgotten. Many live the rest of their lives in loneliness just waiting to die. Some also experience abuse and death before their time, quite unknown to the public. We need to take time from our busy lives to not forget those who have made the world we live in, what it is today. Let’s brighten the lives of the elderly!

Our local mission is currently in Central Minnesota. If you would like to join our mission, whether you live locally or out of state,  contact us.  We would love your support!

You can also join our Facebook Group-Operation: Sunny Day

Current Missions: 

Currently, we are organizing a local mission to brighten the lives of the elderly in our community.

***More info coming soon. Please contact us with your interests.***

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 There are many ways to brighten the lives of the elderly. Here are just a few.

  • Simply Visit
  • Write Letters
  • Sing and play music
  • Pray with them
  • Just listen
  • Play a game
  • Take a short walk
  • Read to them
  • Host a tea party
  • Instruct a craft time